If Full-Scale Revolution Started, Where Would You Be?

Everything is falling apart. You get to choose one thing to protect, and one thing to throw bricks at.

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I want to start by letting the NSA know this is purely a thought experiment. We cool? Sweet. Thanks, bros.

Now let’s burn this place to the ground.

Imagine we were in the middle of a full-scale, government upheaving, tea dumping, enterprise leveling, building burning revolution. You’re welcome to create your own impetus for this scenario. Choose whatever best fits your internal narrative for why this might happen. Now, everything you know is falling apart, and in a few days, or a few hours, your world is going to be a starkly different place.

What, if any, system would you try to protect? And what, if any, system would you toss metaphorical (or, I guess, literal) bricks at? I really want to hear your answers, or at least for you to ponder this yourself. It’s been an eye-opening thought experiment for me.

For me, this is a tough nut to crack. In general, I’m a fan of a bigger government. I think that a society needs to have a shared responsibility in providing fundamental needs in order for it to prosper indefinitely. Raw, unmitigated capitalism only works if there’s infinite room for growth — we live on a small planet, so that’s out. However, I’m not a fan of just about everything that’s happening on the big system level, from the public to the private sector.

To make an incredibly broad statement, everything is broken. But it’s easy to say that. It’s easy to say that things are wrong, and I want things to change. But it’s much more difficult to try to pin a particular system with the guilt, and choose where to aim my bricks. I’d probably start with big lending institutions, banks, and financial monoliths — oh! And their lobbyists. Definitely lobbyists. Brick, brick, brick, brick.

It’s easier to narrow down what I would want to protect. I’d take my pitchfork over to big research, particularly in the environmental sector, and swing it furiously. We need that. We can’t afford to lose that. But not those scientists who want to shoot garbage into the atmosphere to prevent global warming. They can eat brick.

So where would you be? What would you want to maintain, and what would you be happy to see gone? Think about it. Remember, Russell Brand started a revolution last night. You better gather up your bricks.

Hahahah kidding! This was all a joke. I love everything, especially Freddie Mac, who I know our government loves too. Love love love love lo — is the NSA still listening? No. Okay. Freddie Mac?