You Should Watch the Movie “About Time”

And live the way he learns to live. I did and I will.

2 min. read

I hadn’t really heard much about About Time, the newest Love-Actually-Notting-Hill-Brit-Rom-Com-warm-fuzzy delight. And, to be honest, while I love watching feel-good movies (because they, you know, make me feel good), I don’t generally have high expectations for them. They tend to be rather empty.

This one is not.

It has all the empty, fun, let’s pretend this happens and love them as they love each other parts. And I loved them. As they loved each other. But it also has a fun plot device (the one-directional, only-in-your-own-lifetime time travel) that’s a bit different, and a bit peculiar, and adds a certain zest to the story. And without spoiling much, it also creates the conflict and serves as the climax and provides the resolution — one thing, ALL THE PARTS.

But more than the movie itself, I love the idea it suggests. An idea that I’ve been struggling with trying to articulate here in so many different posts. A thought about what happiness is and what contentedness is and how you can _get it _and how you can avoid not getting it. The way the movie does it is better than any of the words I’ve managed to conjure here, and it’s wrapped up in such a delightful package.

I recommend watching it. And I recommend living it once you do. I’ll be trying.

Worst case scenario: you get to enjoy two hours of Rachel McAdams and equally adorable yet completely unknown to me Domhnall Gleeson.