Why I Ride the Bus

What started out as a means to an end has evolved into an end itself -- an end for which I'm grateful.

2 min. read

I ride the bus.

I ride the bus because it’s good for the environment

& it makes for a smaller carbon footprint

& it helps me afford my month-to-month rent

But truly none of that is it.

I try to ride every day

Because it’s the slowest f-ing way

To get from point A

to point B

& slowness is good for me.

Never ride the bus if you’re in a hurry.

I ride because it gives me time to connect with me.

It’s on the bus my mind wanders free

Indulging every thought I have, however unnecessary

Because finding time for the unnecessary is necessary.

I ride the bus because it puts me beside

A stranger, a group of strangers, if just for one ride.

We are people who live in circles so distant

That we may have no other commonality significant

& would never see one another’s face

If not for the bus, our one common space.

It reminds me that we all coexist

A thought that’s too often too easily dismissed.

I ride the bus because everything is moving too fast

& riding reminds me of our communal past

Where we leaned on our neighbor

& had faith in strangers

& saw health for all as a worthwhile labor.

Before the Internet, cell phones, Facebook & Twitter

Diluted friendships to meaningless chatter.

I’m happy I found the bus

& believe I’m privileged to ride.

In the past three years without a car

Just the bus & my bike

I can only imagine how much of an impact it’s made.

My work has benefitted as much as my soul

As each day I take time, am mindful, & appreciate people.