Welcome to Sam Killermann’s Thought / Day

For one year (at least), I'm going to share a thought a day. These thoughts will be presented in a variety of formats (articles, lists, videos, comics, haiku, interpretive pancake eating) & on a variety of subjects (see: all), but I will follow 1 rule: I'll update every 24 hours.

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I created this because it’s been a long time coming, and I decided to stop letting time slip away.

People have asked again and again if I have a personal blog. I do not. Well, I _did _not. I do now. And I will keep it up for at least one year. 365 days. 12 months. And probably about 500,000 words.

I created this because time is slipping away.

I don’t have much of a regimen, or ritual. My life is an adventure without a clock, and most of the things I work on aren’t bound by any external time constraints. This puts me in a world where Mondays blur into Thursdays, and Octobers blur into Spring.

I created this to be more mindful of my day-to-day for myself — to keep a record, so to speak — but also to share my day-to-day with you.

I look forward to looking back at this site — a year from now, three years from now — the way I can look back at my year recorded in photos three years back (here’s the first one) when I was learning how to use a camera, and relearning how to look at the world. I’ll think of this year as learning how to write, and relearning how to look at my life.

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But I also look forward to sharing a bit of myself beyond my projects — things I’ve created that have lessened the degree of separation between me and millions around the world to 1, yet for almost all of my one-degree-of-separation friends around the world, neither of us are aware of the other person as a person. I’m metrosexual, a personal safe zone, a social justice advocate, a gamer against bigotry, etc., but those far better describe things I’ve done than who I am. I hope this will help re-person me.

I created this to share the thoughts that keep my mind spinning.

I spend a lot of time in bed processing things that I think matter — but they stay there, in my head, slightly processed. I want to put those ideas into the world, have you help me process them, and see what can be made of them. Ideas worth sharing, ya know?

I created this to share the thoughts that keep my face smiling.

Because life doesn’t have to be all serious, and you should never ask for permission to smile.

Stay tuned. This is going to be an interesting year.