Me + Thailand = August ’15

I'm disembarking for Bangkok via Hong Kong. I'll be bouncing around the Thailand for most of August.

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I’m excited for Thailand. I’ve heard so many amazing things.

I’ve spoken with people who have immersed themselves in the culture, and had opportunities to reflect on things that were previously invisible in their lives. I know a couple people who have gone and never returned. That says a lot about a place.

I’ve talked with activists who are doing tremendous things in the worlds of gender liberation, sex worker advocacy, and social justice education. I’ve learned so much from them already, from afar, from email.

I have seen breathtaking photos of the national parks — the waterfalls, the foliage, the wildlife, the rainfall, the embodiments of peacefulness. They seem like the perfect place to hit reset after an already crazy year, and get my head back into an optimal place to tackle a full-travel-schedule Fall.

And the people, and the sacred sites, and the food. The food. I could have started and stopped with the food.

I’m excited.

I’m going for all of those things above, and for a few more.

I’m going to tag along with my favorite #travelpop star as he shoots some music videos and a documentary.

And I’m going to meet some people who will share their stories with me — stories I can incorporate into my work, to better represent them, their needs and wants, as I push for a healthier world.

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If you’re there, and you’d like to be friends, please get in touch. I would love to meet you (especially anyone doing gender, sexuality, or activism work) and hear your story. And if you’re not there, but have been, and would like to give me a recommendation or two, ditto.

To follow along, I'll be posting occasional updates on this site here, on Facebook, and photos on Instagram.

I mean… c’mon:

[Photo by Prachanart Viriyaraks of Khao Sam Roi Yot nat'l park.][3]
Photo by Prachanart Viriyaraks of Khao Sam Roi Yot nat’l park.