New reader? Start with the best foot forward.

I’m happy you’re reading my blog! I’d written hundreds of posts here over the years, and I’d love to give you a good starting place for getting acquainted with the collection I’m putting together here.

You’re welcome to just poke around. The main sections I divide my writing here into are…

  • Better Humaning: ways to look at how we can be kinder, more human, healthy versions of ourselves
  • Technolophizing: examining the ways technology contributes to, and gets in the way of, our lives
  • Adventravel: missives from my adventures around the world, immersed in other cultures, highlighting my favorite style of travel

I’m currently writing a book about dogmatic activism, and if you want to read along you can do so by following the SJMD topic, starting here with a curated list of articles, or joining the mailing list.

I also tend to write a lot of the following vibes:

  • How-To: detailed instructions for doing a [new] thing, or a walkthrough of how I do it.
  • Challenge: think “New Year’s Resolution”, but not limited to that day of the year. Personal challenges I’m setting myself to, where I invite you to play along.
  • List: who doesn’t love a good listicle?

Everything I publish here is meant to be evergreen, and as useful 3 years ago as it will be 3 years from now.

By default, all of the content on this site is arranged in reverse-chronological order. But that’s not super helpful for someone getting here in, say, 2020, when a lot of the posts were published several years before.

The best Better Humaning starters

The best Technolophizing starters

The best Adventravel starters