Spend a day lost in your thoughts.

"I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering." - Stephen Wright

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Spend a day lost in your thoughts.

It’s not the way it’s normally done.

Days are full of things, and led with a compass.

You go places and see things and places and things see you.

The World. You must be a part of the world.

But somedays, manydays — and it’s hard to know when —

the World might be better without you.

The World, it turns and turns.

You think, therefore you are, as you’ve learned,

but the World is an is without you.

And without you, the World has forever been.

It moves. It grows. It suffers. It glows.

And it carries on… look, it’s doing it right now.

Without your consent, without your approval,

the World does quite fine on its own.

It’s We who can’t move without the World,

though We often see it the other way around.

Around We go, around the World, you know,

the way We’ve always gone.

And always will, in prelife and death,

We are forever at the whim of the World.

Shhh… it’s happening again.

Right now.


We’re trying to convince ourselves otherwise.

But shhh, Ourselves,

we must allow

Ourselves to believe in believing otherwise.

And to know that the World will turn

And the best We can do

Is be the best We we can possibly be.

And to do that we must,

At least somedays, and sometimes manydays,

Spend a day lost in our thoughts.