Do, Reflect, Tweak, Do: From Thought/Day to Dear World

The new direction I'm taking this site, which is mostly just a new name for the same direction it's always been going.

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When I first started this project several months ago, I was pretty clear about what my goal was with the writing here: in short, nothing.

I wanted a space to explore new ideas, to reflect, to write, to share, but without any particular “goal.” So much of the writing I do is extremely goal-oriented. I wanted to see what would happen if I created a space that was less structured. I wasn’t sure what I’d end up writing about, what shape this site would take, and was happy to follow my fingers on an adventure.

And it was fun. I wrote a lot of things I’d’ve never written otherwise, found that I have thoughts about seemingly random things that others find value in reading. I only got a few pieces of hatemail compared to a pile of encouragemail — this was new. I started with only one real rule, but I broke it after about 100 days. I was planning on writing once a day, and when I started traveling a lot at the beginning of this year, I missed one day. And that’s the funny thing about habits — one missed day is alarmingly similar to one missed month, then you’re only a hop & skip away from a never happening again ever.

After missing a few days, I experienced stress related to this project that I hadn’t experienced, and decided that it was time to take a break from it, reflect, and see if it still has a healthy place in my life. I’ve done that now, and I’m happy to say that it does. Kinda.

Gone is Sam Killermann’s Thought / Day. Welcome _Dear World, _a much more fitting title for what’s going to be happening here.

Say Hello to Dear World

From now on, think of everything I publish here to be a nudge — an open letter from me to the world at large. Whether it’s a nudge toward some new thing, a new way of thinking of an old thing, a good habit to add to your life, a bad habit to drop, or simply toward being a slightly happier person in this particular moment. A lot of what I’ve already written here was exactly this (and I’m not just talking about the challenges), and now that I’m not pressuring myself to write every day, I’ll be able to abstain when I don’t feel up to nudging.

I’ll be making updates to the site design itself to reflect this change, and will start writing here again as soon as I have something bouncing around in my brain worth sharing.

It’s my hope that writing this site will help me continue to challenge myself to live a healthier life, be a better human to other humans, and find clarity in the chaos. Any value it provides to you is bonus.

For those of you who have been missing Thought/Day, I appreciate your patience and encouragement.

Nudgingly yours,