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Here are the Top 7 most popular essays on the blog so far:

  1. My List of 100 Dreams
  2. Genital Xenophobia and Genital Wanderlust: Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine
  3. “Proud” and “Humbled”: I do not think it means what you think it means
  4. Why I’m Glad Chivalry is Dead
  5. Being Alone Isn’t the Same As Being Lonely
  6. How I Rationalize Being So Hard On Myself, and How I’m Going to Stop
  7. Breaking the Chain of Maybe

Here are 7 of my favorites, that aren’t include in the popular list:

  1. Making a Bigger “Us” and a Smaller “Them”
  2. Be Bored
  3. A Fix: Politics Not Reminiscent of Sports
  4. You’re Not Self-Employed
  5. 100+ Tips for Minimalism
  6. Starstruck
  7. Into the Desert