FRIENDSGIVING: My Island for Misfit Toys

Thanksgiving: the annual family stress test to see if your family is ready for Christmas

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I loved Thanksgiving growing up. As a kid, Thanksgiving is a wonderful event. You get a couple days off school, you eat too much, sleep too much, eat too much again, sleep again, repeat, then it’s Monday. Loved it.

As an adult, it can be fun, but it also tends to be a bit more stressful. Either you’re part of the shopping and prepping and cooking tornado, or you’re a worthless obstruction that gets caught up in its path (like those cows in Twister). Throw in a bunch of people who don’t see each other often, starve them for a few hours, add two servings of booze, a sprinkling of reticent drama, and you’ve got Thanksgiving.

A few years ago I shared a Thanksgiving story (above) during a comedy show. I haven’t watched this video in years, and refuse to watch it again right now, but I still have that hoodie and those shoes so it can’t be that bad. I hope you enjoy it.

This year, I’m doing things differently. I put the word out to any of my friends in Austin who didn’t have another place to go for Thanksgiving, or were just looking for a different holiday experience this year, to come over and have Friendsgiving at my place. This is me being more intentional about making Austin my home and trying to help others do the same. I’ve had a lot of “hard” maybes, only a couple actual “yes”s, and truly have no idea what to expect — 20+ people could show up (which would surely be a fire violation) or it may be just a couple — but I’ll be cooking and eating and having a peaceful day, and will be thankful for anyone who wants to share their time with me.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Thank you for being you.