Me + Egypt = June

Okay, beautiful people. So, this is going to be tough, but this is how it's going to be.

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For the past several years I’ve been social justice comeding. And I’ve been going H.A.M. I’ve made a bunch of different things. And more. And I haven’t taken a day off.

Well, the time has come.

I’m the perfect combination of completely excited, completely exhausted, thrilled, depleted, optimistic, and completely-lost-hope-in-humanity-because-of-Buzzfeed for a change of pace. I need a refresher. A break. A time to breathe. A time away from this god-forsaken laptop (kidding, I love my laptop). But I am going to abandon it for a month.

And it’s coming in the form of a trip to Africaaaaaaa. I’ve always wanted to explore Egypt, can’t think of a better way to spend a good chunk of my summer (as well as the first vacation I’ve taken since I started this stage of my life), and am going for more reasons than I can/will recount here (but will find some time for later). It’ll be good. I need it.

As I explained on my “official” site, I’m Heading to Cairo, and I wanna hang with some lovely people in Cairo. A bunch have gotten in touch, and it warmed my heart, and I’m super-duper looking forward to coffeeing, and hummsing, and brunching with them — in that order. Yes, brunching. I’ll be in good hands.

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If you’re curious to follow along on my adventures, I’ll be offering the occasional update by way of a couple super lovely and couldn’t-do-it-without-them friends/amazing people/mangers/coworkers/fellow Auntie Anne’s enthusiasts (just me?) Chum (mostly via Facebook and Twitter) and Bethany (mostly via this site and perhaps a little IPM love).

I’ll miss you. I’ll be back soon. And I’ll have so many stories to share.

Peace, Love, Egypt.


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