First, a short prologue: email is an unconquerable beast, to whom I have conceded the fight. Awhile ago, I even went so far as to put into place a series of elaborate steps to prevent me from ever reading another email.

I failed. I still read emails, and I send them sometimes, too. But I get too many to respond or read them all (last count was 255,089 in a year). I’m not flogging myself here, nor am I bragging (omg definitely not). I’m just priming you for the following:

If you need a response from me, I can usually make it happen. If you want a response, I can sometimes make it happen. And in every case, the best chance at me reading anything you send is for it to go into the right tube.

Tubes below. But one last thing first.

I deeply appreciate that you, a stranger on the internet, is looking into connecting with me, another stranger on the internet. Because of something I wrote. Or didn’t write. Or fucked up. Or hit out of the park. It’s beautiful, and for that — and for you — I am grateful. Please don’t let any lack of response obfuscate that.

Much love,


If you’re looking to book me to speak at your conference or event, please use the form on this website: Sam, talk to us.

If you’re looking to book me to perform my show, use the form on It’s Pronounced Metrosexual I’m no longer (at least for now) performing it — sorry! If you have a question regarding anything else I do, I’ll appreciate you greatly if you contact me through those respective sites (makes it easier for me to manage on my end).

If you’re interested in advertising on this site, or cross-posting/submitting an article you’ve written, please take this as me respectfully declining in advance. I don’t do that. But thank you for the interest.

If you want to cross-post anything I’ve written here on your site, do it. You have my permission. My work is uncopyrighted. If you want to let me know, or link back, great, but no biggy.

If you’d like to say hi, ask a question, or otherwise engage a thought, here are a few options, in rank order:

  1. My preference, if you have an account, is to mention me on Twitter @killermann). The short form of Twitter, plus me basically never using it, makes it a great place to say hi.
  2. Use this contact form. It archives messages for me, which makes it easier to tend to them when I set aside the time.
  3. You can also email, but I hope you read the prologue above if you do so.