Be Bored

"Boredom is the fear of self." - Marie Josephine de Suin

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Be bored.

Stop. Whatever else you’re doing. Stop.

Turn off your music. Turn off the TV, Netflix Instant Streaming, Hulu+, Amazon Prime, all the things you use to fill your time. Not forever, not for long, but for right now, this moment, stop.

Be bored. Be in this exact moment. Be aware of your body, your mind, the sounds around you, the light. Be quiet. Be uncomfortable with the amount of attention you’re giving this moment (the yelling in your head). Be comfortable knowing it will pass quickly (the peace you’ll feel instead). Just be.

Don’t get lost in thought. Not right now. Don’t get lost. Hear that thought, acknowledge it, then let it go. It’s a bird in a cloudless sky. You’re looking for the blue. Don’t pretend you don’t see the bird or it will vie for your attention and undo you. It’ll pass. Let it pass. You’re here for the blue. Focus on the blue.

Don’t consume media; and don’t be consumed by media. It’s an itch you’ve trained myself to scratch. You come in your door, keys go there, bag goes here, sit down, volume up, and it’s tomorrow. Not right now. No consumption; no being consumed. No scratching. Let it itch.

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Did you feel it? That inkling of something buried down deep? Something asking to be uncovered? It’s not asking loud. It never does. Everything else is so loud. You felt it. Good. Hold on to it. It’s precious.

Start. Whatever else you were doing, but with that new feeling in the back of your mind. Act on it. Act.

But remember to stop.