There are so many possible abouts you could be curious… about. Let’s start with this one:

About the Blog

This is a blog by Sam Killermann. Indeed, it’s Sam Killermann’s blog. Even more indeed, I am Sam Killermann, so it’s weird that I keep writing in third-person.

So, about my blog.

Think of this as part open letter to the world, and part sharing experiences and observations of why I hold the world so dear. We only have one world, and one shot to live on it. We’re all crammed on it together, tightly packed. And it’s in all of our best interest, and in the interest of everything else smushed on this pale blue dot with us — sentient and seemingly not sentient — to live in ways that enhance the experiences of our global roommates.

Has pissing off your roommate ever really benefited you in the end? If so, send your experience to sam@doesntbelieveyou.lol.

My goal with everything that I write here is for it to be a nudge toward some healthier, happier, or more whole way of living — for myself, and for anyone who happens to read it. Little reminders, big call-to-actions, personal challenges. Things that I’m currently struggling with, things I feel like I have my mind wrapped around, and things I may be facing for the first time.

I’ve found that my writing here organically sorted itself into three overall buckets:

  • Better Humaning: where every post, in some way, answers the question “How can I be a better me, while creating space for others to be a better them?”
  • Technolophizing: where I write about the role technology plays in our lives, answering the question “How can we ensure technology is serving us, and our well-being — and not the other way around?”
  • Adventravel: stories from backpacking around the world, and other anecdotes and tidbits from a road.

As you’ve already likely noticed, there’s a lot of overlap between these themes. So beyond those buckets, the most common themes in my writing here are happiness, mindfulness, work, how-to, and — because everything I write about here is, in some way or another, about change — activism.

You can also browse the posts here by format, instead of theme. The main formats I’m using are:

  • Essays: exactly what you expect them to be, longer-form, written posts.
  • Quotes: short little lessons encapsulated into a sentence or two, from others and from myself
  • Statuses: think Facebook, but without all the weird data extortion and psychological manipulation
  • Links: things I’m excited to point you to, that don’t live here

I’ll write in clear language, with passion, from my heart to yours. And if you come along for the ride, I hope you’ll write back.

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About the Author

Sam Killermann headshot

You can read all about me on this “About Sam Killermann” page, but here’s a different “about” that’s focused on the relationship between this blog and me:

I’m a person who has dedicated their life to the well-being of others, and realized along the way that I can’t accomplish that without being healthier myself (“sweep first before your own door” and whatnot).

This blog is about the that: the ways I’m trying to be healthier, calmer, whole-er — in service of that other goal.

I also do everything myself in my projects (from the writing, to the design, web development, animation, filming, performing, post-production, etc. — all of it), I am constantly learning. I’m learning about every layer of the stack I’m living in, and doing my best to put that learning into action immediately.

This blog is also about that: the things I’m learning, and how you can DIY, or benefit from my mistakes.

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About the Site

I built this site from the ground-up using JAMstack methodology. To make this site as fast, accessible, and environmentally sustainable as possible, I’m using Hugo to generate the pages, and I pared down everything I didn’t need*. The theme I made is all open source and uncopyrighted, and you can view it on Github.

*You might be wondering about the constantly shifting chameleon color scheme, and asking “Was _that_ a need?” Yes, my friend. Because it makes me happy to visit this site, and I need to come here for this thing to work. So it was more than a need: it’s everything.

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